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Purchasing a home that is still under construction might be thrilling. Everything is completely new and set up for habitation. Yet even with the most respected builders and developers, it's possible that the home may have flaws or problems that need to be fixed. A New Build Snagging Survey may help in this situation.

This is a thorough examination of a freshly constructed property done by a licenced surveyor. Before the property is deemed finished, surveyors will inspect it for any flaws or problems that need to be fixed. They will then provide a report explaining any concerns discovered and offering suggestions for how to fix them. As a result of the potential long-term financial savings, it is a wise investment.

Today, SnagGo will go through the value of obtaining this before moving into your new home and how it may help you save money in the long term.

How can you save money with a new construction snagging survey?

Addressing problems before they get larger

This audit may find any property flaws or problems before they worsen, which is one of its main advantages. For instance, it is considerably simpler and less costly to resolve any faults with the plumbing or the roof before you move into the house rather than after.

Preventing more repair expenses

You may save further repair expenditures by locating and resolving any flaws with the home before you move in. For instance, a problem with the insulation or the heating system may result in greater energy costs and perhaps pricey future repairs. You may avoid spending more money later on by taking care of these problems now.

Keeping your investment safe

Purchasing a new construction house requires a big investment, thus it is crucial to safeguard that money. You can make sure your home is in the finest possible condition before you move in by ordering this. This may assist in avoiding any possible problems in the future that can reduce the value of your investment.


Talking to the developer about a deal

You may use this information to bargain with the developer if the audit does turn up any problems with the property. Depending on how serious the problems are, you may be able to convince the developer to address them before you move in or perhaps bargain for a price reduction.

Anybody purchasing a newly constructed house would be advised to invest in a new build snagging study. Long-term cost savings are possible, and it may also provide you peace of mind knowing your home is in top shape. You may save money on future repairs, safeguard your investment, and if required, bargain with the developer by spotting and fixing any problems before you move in.

4 Typical Issues in New Construction Surveys

A new home purchase might be an exciting proposition, but before you move in, you need to make sure the house is in excellent shape. Obtaining an inspection, or examination of the property to find any faults or issues that need to be fixed before you take possession is one of the most important tasks in this process. To help you be ready when you order your own inspection, below are the four most typical snags discovered in these audits.

Structural problems

Structural problems are one of the most typical roadblocks discovered in new construction inspections. These include issues with the roof, walls, and foundation, all of which, if not immediately fixed, may cause significant damage. For instance, foundation fractures may enable water to leak into the building, causing structural damage and even resulting in mould and mildew issues.

Electricity Issues

Electrical issues are another frequent concern that may be found. If left unchecked, wire, socket, and switch problems may pose a major risk to public safety. Electrical issues must be resolved before you move in since they may sometimes even result in fires.

Plumbing Problems

Another frequent problem identified is plumbing problems. Leaks, drainage concerns, and problems with the water pressure or temperature problems are a few examples. If ignored, these concerns may result in water damage, mould, and even health hazards.

Issues With Insulation

Lastly, issues with insulation are still another typical concern identified in these scrutinies. The insulation in the walls, floors, and roof may have problems, resulting in energy loss and greater heating costs. In rare circumstances, inadequate insulation may even cause dampness and mould issues, both of which pose health risks.

It is a smart idea to have a New Build Snagging Survey completed before moving into your newly constructed house since it may assist you in identifying any problems that need to be fixed before you take ownership.

New Construction Snagging Surveys in the Future: What to Anticipate in the Next Several Years

Snagging surveys have an exciting future. We may anticipate a more effective, accurate, and well-informed scrutiny process as technology develops, laws tighten, and awareness rises. Homeowners may guarantee that their houses are built to their precise specifications with more customisation possibilities. Still, developers will have to make more investments to ensure that their buildings are up to par. Such an audit will be increasingly more crucial as the demand for new construction increases to ensure that the houses are built to a high quality and without flaws.

Modern technology

The adoption of cutting-edge technology is one of the major developments we can anticipate in the realm of such scrutiny. The practise of this is currently being developed, as opposed to the conventional method, which involves surveyors physically assessing properties and noting flaws. Drones, sensors, and other cutting-edge instruments are part of this technology, which can swiftly and precisely find flaws in new constructions.

As a result, these scrutinies may become faster and more precise in the future since technology enables surveyors to spot problems that could otherwise go unreported.

Higher Awareness


We may anticipate a surge in homeowner awareness as such audits become more popular. These polls will probably grow more prevalent and more individuals will be prepared to pay for them as more people become aware of their advantages.

As homeowners become more educated about the building process and the potential flaws, it is also anticipated that this increase in awareness would result in a more savvy consumer base. As a result, developers will face pressure to guarantee that their residences are built to a high level as homeowners raise their standards.

More Individualisation

A rise in personalisation in newly constructed homes is another trend that is anticipated to take hold in the next few years. Developers will need to provide more customisation choices in order to maintain their competitiveness as homeowners grow more demanding about what they want from their houses.

Homeowners will want to make sure that their houses are built according to their precise requirements, hence it is anticipated that this increasing personalisation will have an influence on these inspections. These might therefore become more customised in the future as surveyors collaborate with homeowners to uncover any problems that could be particular to each property.

High Standards Constructed

SnagGo, a survey company's in-depth analysis might save you from financial hardship and emotional distress. By doing this, you might be certain that the house you bought was constructed to high standards, making it secure and likely to last for many years.SnagGo approaches each project technically, which enables us to deliver our findings in a professional and structured way. For your peace of mind and to let your buildings know what has to be rectified, we fully describe any potential defects in our snagging reports.