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A snag is a casual term used across the construction industry. In essence, it refers to any kind of defect that requires remedial action. A snagging survey assesses all such defects and provides a comprehensive report that one can then supply their developer.

Purchasing a house is a big deal. It’s also pretty expensive. By obtaining a snagging survey, the customer is able to have a qualified third party assess the quality of workmanship on their new home. This can be very effective for someone who does not feel they can confidently assess construction work by themselves. Our team know what they are looking for.

A defect period is a period in which the developer offers warranty to cover any issues requiring remediation. This is often a period between 3 months to a year in which any snags that are discovered are the responsibility of the developer to rectify free of charge.

At Snaggo we always advise that a snagging survey is conducted at the earliest time possible. Ideally, this is before you move into your property. We find this leaves little room for debate with developers.

You do not have to be present in the property when we conduct our survey. It is very common for customers to leave a key with the concierge or similar to allow us to gain access to their property. Customers are also most welcome to attend the survey, should they wish to.

We are always happy to seek an alternative for you should you not find the date you require. Please contact our offices directly and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We cover properties throughout the whole of South England and South Wales. We conduct surveys as far North as Leicester and surrounding boroughs. Within Wales we conduct surveys as far West as Swansea and surrounding areas.

Please have a look at our “what we inspect” section. This provides a clear description of the areas we look at as well as some of the equipment we use.

All our reports are released within 24 hours of conducting the survey. For a little extra, we offer our express service which lets you receive your report within 3 hours of survey. This can be useful if you are keen to move in very soon or do not want to miss your defect period.

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